Special Education Central Office Staff 2023-24

Director of Special Education - Chrissy Dement

Special Education Administrative Staff:

Erika Hamburg-Brown - Bookkeeper, Personnel

Beverly Lawrence - Referrals, GOIEP

Christie Mappin - Asst to the Director, FTE, Transportation, ESY, Medicaid, Preschool

Trudy Woodall - Records

Program Specialists:

Terri Baggarly

Stacey Barnett

Melissa Greene

Diane Roden

Support Specialists:

Lauren Bettis - Brooks Elementary, Poplar Road Elementary, Newnan High School

Candace Braumuller - Welch Elementary, Madras Middle, Northgate High School

Amy Langholz - Atkinson Elementary, Canongate Elementary, Arnall Middle, Bass Middle

Tonya Pittman - Newnan Crossing Elementary, Willis Rd Elementary, Evans Middle, Lee Middle

Kayla Robinson - Arbor Springs Elementary, Jefferson Pkwy Elementary, Northside Elem, East Coweta Middle

Beth Smith - Westside School, Smokey Road Middle, East Coweta High School

LEA Facilitators (School Based):

Sarah Frederick - Arnco Sargent Elementary, Elm Street Elementary, Western Elementary, CEC/Winston Dowdell Academy

Erica Hayes - Eastside Elementary, Moreland Elementary, White Oak Elementary, Maggie Brown Alternative School

Alicia Smith - Glanton Elementary, Ruth Hill Elementary, Thomas Crossroads Elementary, Empower Program

Behavior Specialists:

Tawana Bostic

Christine Taylor

Lisa Wootten

Recreational Therapist- Charles "Bo" Ray

Elementary Special Education In-School Coordinators (ISC)

Arbor Springs Elementary - Emily Marziliano

Arnco Sargent Elementary - Beth Donahue

Atkinson Elementary - Helen Poore

Brooks Elementary -

Canongate Elementary - Leila Wathen

Eastside Elementary - Jenna Shaner

Elm Street Elementary - Stephanie Steerman

Empower Virtual Program - Kathryn Clark

Glanton Elementary - Beth Pullen

Jefferson Parkway Elementary - Heidi Burkle

Moreland Elementary - Heather Lovins

Newnan Crossing Elementary - Lisa Kula

Northside Elementary - Valerie Hughes

Poplar Road Elementary - April Foust

Ruth Hill Elementary -

Thomas Crossroads Elementary - Sarah Trotter

Welch Elementary - Suzanne Mejia

Western Elementary - Kristen Cameron

White Oak Elementary - Valeree Williams

Willis Road Elementary - Olivia Hanie

Westside GNETS -

Middle School Special Education In-School Coordinators (ISC)

Arnall Middle - Kimberly Bocchino

Blake Bass Middle - Lisa Strickland

East Coweta Middle - Jill Scoggins

Evans Middle - Debbie Pate

Lee Middle - Antoinette Smith

Madras Middle - Kip Durden

Smokey Road Middle - Loree Stapp

Maggie Brown Alternative - Jennifer Rogers (teacher)

High School Special Education In-School Coordinators (ISC)

East Coweta High - Jaclyn Blair

Newnan High - Elizabeth Lozano-Hensley

Northgate High - Robyn Ridgeway/ Jennifer Willis

Northgate Adolescent Program (GNETS) - Suzanne Marshall

WDA Alternative - Nick Tinkey (teacher)

CEC/WBL - Beth Jobe