Special Education Central Office Staff



Director of Special Education - Melissa Casablanca

Central Office Administrative Staff:

Erika Hamburg-Brown - Bookeeper

Beverly Lawrence - Records

Christie Mappin - Assistant to the Director, FTE, Transportation, ESY, Medicaid, Preschool

Julie Schexnayder - Referrals, GOIEP

Compliance Specialist: Chrissy Dement

Program and Support Specialist:

Terri Baggarly - East Coweta High, Northgate, Newnan High

Stacey Barnett - East Coweta Middle, Evans, Madras, Smokey Road

Jonah Barnhill - Arbor, Brooks, Jefferson Parkway, Willis Road

Austin Dickens - Atkinson, Northside, Welch

Melissa Greene - Ruth Hill, White Oak

Denise Milam - CEC, Glanton, Maggie Brown, WDA

Nathalie Roark - Elm, Moreland, Thomas Crossroads
Diane Roden - Arbor, Eastside, Western

Michele Shaughnessy - Canongate, Newnan Crossing, Poplar Road


Special Education School Directory Listing

Autism Specialist:
Lisa Wooten
Behavior Support Teachers:

Hillary Moore

Amy Sebastian

Alicia Smith

Beth Smith


Recreational Therapist: 

Charles "Bo" Ray 

Parent Mentor: 

Georgia Fruechtenicht

In School Coordinators (ISCs):

Elementary ISCs:

Arbor Springs - Kayla Robinson

Arnco Sargent - Beth Donahue

Atkinson - Helen Poore

Brooks - Sarah Frederick

Canongate - Jill Cochran 

Eastside - Jenna Shaner

Elm Street - Stephanie Steerman

Glanton - Tonya Hendricks

Jefferson Parkway - Heidi Burkle

Moreland - Heather Lovins

Newnan Crossing - Robin Winter

Northside - Bethany Dickens

Poplar Road - April Foust

Ruth Hill - Olivia Hanie

Thomas Crossroads - Jennifer Reed

Welch - Suzanne Mejia

Western - Laureen Peruzar

White Oak - Candance Fant-Braumuller

Willis Road - Whitney Kling

Westside GNETS - Connie Lytten


Middle School ISCs:

Arnall -  Kim Bocchino

Arnall GNETS - Connie Lytten

East Coweta - Jill Scoggins

Evans - Debbie Pate

Lee - Toni Smith

Madras - Kip Durden

Smokey Road - Loree Stapp

Maggie Brown Alternative 


High School ISCs:

East Coweta - Jacki Blair

Newnan - Elizabeth Lozano

Northgate - Rhonda Pitts

Northgate GNETS - Suzanne Marshall

WDA Alternative - Nick Tinkey

CEC/Transition - Lauren Bettis

GNETs/Alternative School/CEC/ - ISC's contact the program/support specialist of the student's home school. Parents should contact the ISC for the school.

Special Education Teachers, OTs, PTs, and SLPs: 

Please refer to each school's website staff listing for the special education teachers, therapists, and paraprofessionals for that school.